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History Of Math
Number Notation
Multiplication Table
Divisibility Rules

   Arithmetic becomes a lot easier when you know some simple strategies or tricks.You can do arithmetic in the best way to get the right answer in shorter time.Creativity help you in practicing math, always remember to search for simpler and simpler ways to solve the problem.

   However, in order to become used with these tricks,you need to practicing them.There is a saying"Practice makes perfect", with some practice,your math ability will surely be improve.

Arithmetical operations

Addition (addends, sum).

Subtraction(minuend, subtrahend, difference).

Multiplication  (multiplicand,  multiplier,  product,  factors).   

Division(dividend, divisor, quotient, dividing integers, fraction, divisible numbers,remainder, division without remainder, division with remainder).

Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division are two by two mutually inverse operations.

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